EGR Solutions in Doncaster

EGR Diagnosis

Correct EGR function is essential for your vehicle to run as efficiently as possible, Exhaust Gas Recirculation over time will cause carbon deposits to build up in areas of the engine. These deposits build up inside the EGR valve and can prevent correct gas flow leading to a potential blockage, if this happens you may notice a decrease in the vehicles MPG. When a gas flow issue is detected by the vehicles engine control unit you will see an engine check light illumination. Our free diagnosis will enable us to identify the issues and offer you the fastest and most cost-effective solution.
Our mobile diagnostics service enables us the ability to come to your home or place of work and determine the most suitable correction solution for you. If your vehicle does not run or is in limp mode, we have the ability to recover your vehicle to our workshop to carry out any of the required services.

EGR Replacement

Neglecting engine faults, running your car on low fuel, using the wrong oil and lack of servicing are the most common causes for EGR malfunctions. EGR flow issues often lead to permanent blockages where gas is unable to pass through efficiently, electrical components can also break down inside the valve causing failure. In most cases we are able to replace your faulty EGR valves with a new component. This solution may be offered after our diagnosis is carried out.

EGR Removal

EGR replacement can be an expensive solution, EGR removal is often an effective solution which can be carried out quickly keeping costs to a minimum. With our industry leading equipment, we are able to access your vehicles running software and make changes to enable EGR valve function deletion. This is a one-time fix with no recurring future problems and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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